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Meditation as a Survival Tool

Twelve boys went on an adventure with their soccer coach in Thailand. They decided to explore a cave nearby when they were suddenly trapped by flood waters! Despite being trapped 2.5 miles deep into the cave, they not only survived, but they remained calm and composed. Why? Their soccer coach, who was a former Buddhist monk, taught them how to meditate Meditation is an essential life skill that helps children and teens navigate through the ups and downs of life in the following ways:

Regulates emotions

Calms anxiety

Alleviates pain

Reduces stress

Decreases impulsivity

Diminishes fear

Enhances self awareness

Meditation also promotes relaxation and counteracts the stress response so that children and teens are able to respond instead of react to a situation. When practiced regularly, meditation has the ability to soothe the soul during moments of turmoil and pain. Meditation is the best and most valuable survival tool for the 21st century. Enroll your child or teen into meditation classes so that they can learn the skills they need to be prepared for the future!



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