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Our Vision

Soul Centered Kids believes that compassion, global interconnectedness, sustainability and mindfulness should be commonplace within the hearts and minds of children as they grow into adults that inherit a world in need of resuscitation.​ Today's children need the right kind of tools and enrichment to help them learn how to overcome 21st century challenges so that they can carve a future filled with peace, compassion and love.

Soul Centered Kids approaches this vision by educating the whole child in ways that will prepare them for life through meaningful and holistic curricula and instruction. ​Children who enroll in Soul Centered Kids classes will learn about Mindfulness, Meditation, Reiki, Intuition, Interconnectedness, Sustainability and numerous other skills and techniques meant to: 

*Comfort the Soul

* Relieve Fear, Stress & Anger

* Encourage Mindfulness

* Promote Peaceful Compassion

* Foster Conscientious Choices

* Respect the Earth

* Celebrate Diversity​


Soul Centered Kids weaves the Mindful Schools curriculum throughout all of our mindfulness and meditation lasses and workshops.

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