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Soul Centered Kids Microschool

Our Soul Centered Microschool focuses on providing a well rounded soul centered education as a complement to both traditional and homeschooling education. Every class is taught by a highly educated teacher with over 25 years of combined experience in the subjects that will be taught throughout the year.


Every class will include:

  • Nature based, earth centered learning opportunities that incorporate mathematics, sacred geometry, geology, geography and sacred sites

  • Literature based exploration of Fairytales, Folklore, Myths and Legends 

  • Discoveries about the Universe through quantum physics, intuitive development and by learning how to listen and trust our inner wisdom

  • Mindfulness & Meditation 

  • Soul Centered Interests & Activities

  • Creative Expression through Art and Journaling

  • Cultivating Soul Centered Friendships

Every class will also include a variety of heart centered interests and activities that may also teach scientific, mathematical concepts as well as langauge arts, visual art and holistic health & wellness. 

  • Crystals, crystal healing & crystal grids

  • Nature study and nature based art & activities

  • The Universe: Quantum Physics and Quantum Theory 

  • The Messages in Water Experiments

  • Animal Symbolism All Around Us

  • Mandalas and Mandala Making

  • Intuitive & Empathic Development

  • Herbal Studies and Herbal Board Games (Spring Semester 2021)

  • Essential Oil Study & activities (Spring Semester 2021)

  • Organic Urban Gardening: Native, Drought Tolerant & Edible (Spring Semester 2021)

  • Labyrinths & Making our Own Walking Labyrinth (Spring Semester 2021)

  • Moon Phases and Moon Phase Art & Activities

  • Sacred Geometry in the Universe, Nature & Art

  • Energetic Boundaries and How to Raise our Vibration

  • Earth Centered Seasonal Celebrations

  • Cooperative Board Games & Activities

  • Keeping a Soul Centered Journal

* The above list is not an all inclusive list. Students are encouraged to lead by discovering their own Soul Centered interests along the way and those interests will be incorporated into class sessions as well. 


What is a micro school?


Wikipedia defines a micro school as:  the reinvention of the one-room school house, where class size is typically smaller than that in most schools (15 students or less in a classroom) and there are mixed-age level groupings. Generally, micro-schools do not meet all 5 days of the school week, and their schedules look different than a traditional public or private school. Classes can be taught using a flipped classroom approach, a form of blended learning, though not all micro-schools focus on technology in the same ways. Classes tend to be more impactful due to meeting fewer times in the week. Classes may use instructional methods, ranging from traditional lecture-based approaches to hands-on and activity-based approaches. Micro-schooling is viewed as a replacement for various school paradigms that are standard worldwide (source: Wikipedia).

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