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Mindfulness & Meditation for Kids and Their Parents

Prepayment is required to enroll in classes. There are no tickets at the door or walk up. Thank you for understanding.

In each of these 45 minute classes, children and parents will learn the fundamentals of mindfulness and meditation. We will build upon each class with new skills and activities. Together you and your child/children will go on a journey that will allow you and your child to learn how to live life in a new way! This way of life greatly reduces stress, alleviates anxiety, banishes fear, increases self awareness and enhances your ability to regulate emotions. We will also learn how to relax our bodies and quiet our minds.


Every class will include brand new mindfulness techniques to practice, breath work and breathing, a story that goes along with what we are learning, new ways to meditate and building connections with each other. Your children will always know that they have a community of peers to learn and grow with...they are not alone in their journey, they will have friends waiting for them each Sunday - friends that want to learn the same thing...mindfulness and meditation! 


The practice of mindfulness and meditation requires dedication and committment in order to achieve lasting results. It is because of this that it is strongly suggested that children and parents attend classes each month in order to achieve lasting benefits.


The cost of this class is $25 per parent and child and $10 for each additional child. This fee covers all class materials, yoga mats, take home gifts for the children and free consultations for parents. 


*Each class must have at least 5 students and all students must RSVP and prepay within 7 days of each class. If for any reason a class does not meet the mnimum number of students, it will be canceled.