Starseeds & Lightrays

These workshops are for kids ages 10 + 


  • Do you or your children identify as an Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow Child?

  • Do or your children have interests and experiences that seem otherworldly?

  • Are you or your child empaths?

  • Are you or your children fascinated with crystals, angels, intuition and energy healing?

  • Do you or your children have a strong bond with animals and the Earth?  


If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, this gathering is for you. We will explore a variety of topics that are designed to ensure that you and your children know how to vibrate at higher frequencies in an effort to create a more peaceful existence for all.


Some of the topics that will be discussed in class are:


Crystals and Crystal Grids, Angels, Different Ways to Explore Intuition, Reiki, Empathy as it Relates to being Empathic, Animal Communication, Healing Climate Change, Dreams and Dreamwork and much more!