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Mindfulness with Animals

In this workshop, we let the animals be our teachers.  Children and parents will learn  how to practice mindfulness and meditation while also creating a safe, healing space for animals to join us in our meditation.  


During our meditation, we will just be with the animals.  We will be holding a space for them to feel unconditional love and trust and we will invite them into our space.  


We will learn how to read their body language and communicate with them through meditation.

Children (ages 7+)  and their parents will learn how to practice mindfulness with animals while also giving the gifts of kindness, compassion & peace  to homeless animals currently in the care of shelters and/or rescue organizations.


Some of the skills that children & parents will learn include:


  • focused breathing techniques

  • how to clear their minds of clutter

  • mindful meditation

  • how to relax their bodies

  • creative visualization

  • animal communication

  • animal body language


This workshop is 45 minutes to an hour long depending on how many animals are in attendance.  

The cost of attendance is $25 per person.

By attending this workshop, each child, parent and/or family will also be supporting shelter and rescue animals.  25% of the proceeds of this workshop will go to the shelter or rescue organization hosting the workshop.  Another 25% will go to the Shelter Animal Reiki Association

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